Wednesday, January 10, 2007

CES web video coverage, die ads die

Since I can't fly off to Vegas to visit CES or down to San Francisco to attend Mac World, I have been catching up on all the gadgety goodness via web video. Everything was going well until I was brutalized by the advertising in these videos.

I am willing to accept some advertising for my content but this has gone too far. In particular and Gear Live's The Bleeding Edge Podcast have heinous advertising which is bound to turn off viewers.

The Offenders
Content: Reviews and information from CES and MacWorld
Offense: Stupid Windows Mobile Snakes in an Elevator commercial.
Why this is Heinous: Its not the commercial so much, although it is normal Microsoft crap, because it is livable. It is the fact that they make you watch the same flippin' commercial between every two or three clips. The clips are about thirty seconds to three minutes long and the commercial is 16 seconds. So every 60 to 4 minutes or so you are forced to watch the same clip. That means you watch that commercial over .... and over ... and over ... and over ... and over before you can get through the playlist.

Subject: Gear Live's The Bleeding Edge Podcast
Content: Tech Reviews, Interviews, and Commentary from CES
Offense: Obnoxiously long intro, double Panasonic Ads, and Microsoft Live Ad all in one short podcast
Why this is Heinous: Normally the podcast is nearly an hour, released semi weekly, which makes the ads a bit more tollerable BUT for their CES coverage they are doing 2-4, 4-15 minute shorts a day. Each of those has the same advertising. One 5:50sec podcast has a 30sec Microsoft Live ad followed by a thankfully short splash, followed by a 30sec Panasonic Ad followed by the podcast and then ending with another 40sec Panasonic Ad...If you were keeping track that is nearly 30% of the podcast is taken up with advertising! Luckly you can fast forward with iTunes but I am seriously considering unsubscribing after this abuse.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lightbox with always visible Prev and Next Links

The Problem: Lightbox Prev and Next Navigation being visible onMouseOver is not obvious enough

After enabling Lightbox on my picture gallery I quickly realized that the onMouseOver Prev and Next on the Lightbox were way to confusing for my viewers :) The problem with the design it the Prev and Next links on the Lightbox pop-up are mystery navigation. If you don't know to mouse over the right or left side of the image in order to get the links to appear, you don't.

The Solution: Change lightbox.css to make the navigation graphics always visible

My solution was to change the stylesheet (lightbox.css) to fix the display of the prev and next links to always be visible. I am OK with the prevLabel.gif and nextLabel.gif always showing on top of the image because it makes the navigation so much more obvious.

I know this fix is pretty obvious to the coder types but since many people who use the LightBox Library on their website are not so savvy I hope to take the mystery out of this fix. Simply:

1) Download the new Lightbox CSS File.

2) Remove the .txt from the end of the filename.

3) Make sure the nextLabel.gif and prevLabel.gif and blank.gif are pointed to in the right directory (if they are not in the ./img/ directory you need to change anywhere it says img/ to your directory name, for example images/)

4) Upload the new lightbox.css file to replace the old one

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