Thursday, February 16, 2006

Froogle "Too Few Stores" Error

When recently setting up my Modern Rustics business listing on Froogle I received a "Too Few Stores" error. I looked it up in their documentation and found nothing ... After some help on the Froogle Newsgroup I was informed that you have to have at least 10 stores to have a business listing feed. So for all you who get the "Too Few Stores" error when trying tup upload your business feed onto Froogle, guess you just have to open up some more locations!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lodgepole Log and Slate Wine Rack -- $400

Modern Rustics is now offering a lodgepole log and slate wine rack. This log wine rack is built for beauty and functionality. The top two storage bars hold six wine bottles each. The bottom of the wine rack is a modified diamond storage rack which can hold between 25 and 40 bottles of the wine depending on the bottles. We also offer the rack with all straight bars if you prefer to have the horizontal easy access storage over the larger storage capacity. With the four log horizontal storage racks the log wine rack will hold 30 bottles of wine. The rack is 36 inches wide and 4 feet tall and 16 inches deep.

Log Wine Storage Rack Front View Log Wine Rack Front View

Log Wine Storage Rack Slate Top View Log Wine Rack

Log Wine Rack Slate Top View

The top of the wine rack is natural slate with dark grout and has been sealed by us for durability and beauty. The slate top makes a perfect place to set up your wine tasting parties, cheese displays, or wine bottle opener.

As with all our furniture, our lodgepole pine log wine rack is 100% solid wood and hand crafted by us when you order it. All of our furniture comes pre-sealed with the highest quality lacquer.

The Lodgepole Log and Slate Wine Rack is available for $400 by emailing Modern Rustics or by calling direct 360.903.7141. You can also visit the Modern Rustics Website at