Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Blank Thunderbird Message with 12/31/1969 Date

Problem: Blank Thunderbird (Inbox/Junk) Message with Date of 12/31/1969

When I upgraded to Mozilla Thuderbird Mail Application version 1.5 I started receiving messages with a blank subject line, a blank sender line, and a blank body that were dated as being sent 12/31/1969. These/This message(s) would come into my inbox and then were put into my Thunderbird Junk Mail Box. If I tried to delete the message it would just come back as unread the next time I switched back to the Junk Mail Folder and the folder refreshed. The mail message date of 12/31/1969 is an invalid current epoch date so I knew the message had issues, as well as because every part of the message was blank. One blank message with the 12/31/1969 date that would always come back when delete was annoying enough but after a huge junk mail morning I then had almost 20 of them!

Solution: Compact your Thunderbird Folders!

After some Internet searching for the answers to my amazing message sent 12/31/1969 I found a suggestion that worked!
1) DELETE the offending blank message(s) with the old date!
2) Right Click on your Inbox folder in Thunderbird and click "Compact This Folder"
3) Right Click on your Junk folder in Thunderbird and click "Compact This Folder"
4) Restart Thunderbird and you should be good to go! Mine crazy message is still gone.

If that does not solve your problem you will have to go to DEFCON 5:
::WARNING:: I have not tried this method because the above has worked for me. Perform at your own risk!
1) Browse to your Mail Folder: C:\Documents and Settings\[USER NAME]\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\[PROFILE DESIGNATION]\Mail\ OR Wherever yours might be!
2) All your folders will be listed in two files: One with no extension and one with a .msf extension. Delete the .msf files for the folders where you are having the blank message problem (Probably your Inbox.msf and your Junk.msf Files).

Hope this gets rid of your blank Thunderbird Inbox/Junk mail folder file because if you are like me you are completly fed up with it sitting there. Let me know if you have any other suggestions or if this did/didn't work for you.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Macromedia Dreamweaver file_save.js error on line 45


Macromedia Dreamweaver file_save.js error on line 45 when changing and saving a template.

When It occurs:

Sometimes when changing a template Dreamweaver MX will issue an error on file_save.js on line 45. This error will not change any pages in your site with the new template and will also freeze Dreamweaver MX. You have to close and then restart Dreamweaver to continue working. Once you get this file saving error on line 45 once Dreamweaver will issue this error every time you attempt to change the template.


1) Close Dreamweaver MX
2) Rename your site directory to [Old Site DirectoryName]_somethingNew
3) Open Dreamweaver MX
3a) You will get an error because the site no longer exists. Ignore this.
4) Delete Old Site from Dreamweaver's site manager
5) Close Dreamweaver
6) Create a new directory named [Old Site DirectoryName]
7) Using Windows Explorer Copy and Paste all the files from [Old Site DirectoryName]_somethingNew into [Old Site DirectoryName]
8) Start Dreamweaver MX
9) Using the site manager create a new site to replace the one you deleted in step 4
10) Dreamweaver will now rebuild the cache and your problem should be fixed


It seems to be a bug that occurs in the cache file. I have had problems when adding large values to tag fields so this could cause a buffer overrun or similar problem perhaps. I have found this solution combining a couple I have found on-line into one procedure which has worked now three times when I have had this file_save.js on line 45 error while using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.