Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Running Beyond Compare on a Mac Book Pro

The Problem: No Mac OSX software exists that halfway compares to Scooter Software's Beyond Compare FTP & dif program all in one. Since I recently switched to a Mac, I have been unable to find anything close.

I tried using Panic's Transmit for FTP but once the demo ran out I really had no desire to continue using it. I then switched to Fetch Softwork's Fetch FTP client. I like Fetch better but the necessity of having a separate Finder window open was annoying and I still don't have half the functionality of Beyond Compare.

Why is Beyond Compare so great?
  • Connected file tree browsing with remote FTP and local files liked. So, when you expand or minimize a folder, Beyond Compare does the same action on the Remote/Local. This is an AMAZING time saver.
  • Built in dif functionality. Beyond Compare is able to link the file systems because it compares the contents of the folders and their names using its dif engine. Even if you have folders locally or remotely that have no pair, Beyond Compare links up the paired folders. When you need to sync local with remote, it is a snap to see the changed files then, if necessary, double click to view the detailed documents in a side by side dif display with the differences highlighted.

The Solution: Parallels + Windows XP + Shared My Documents Magic == Beyond Compare goodness on a Mac.

Running Beyond Compare on a Mac Using ParallelsThe Details: Although this seems like a very difficult way to run a program, with Parallels and OSX its really easy to set up and once you have XP up and running there are lots of other uses for the framework.
  • Step 1: Buy & Install Parallels. Really its as easy as that. Download, Double Click the DMG, and Install.
  • Step 2: Start Parallels and create a New Virtual Machine for a Windows XP Install. There is a wizard and I pretty much used the defaults. NOTE: I have read that if you bump up the RAM over 512 your actually loose performance but you can always adjust those after the machine has been created.
  • Step 3: Put in the Windows XP Disk, Start the Virtual Machine, and Install Windows. Again it was as easy as that for me.
  • Step 4: Reset your My Documents Folder to be shared with your OSX Documents location. This allows you to work on the Code from OSX then just switch to your Parallels XP Machine running Beyond Compare to manage your uploads.
  • Step 5:Install Beyond Compare and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Did you look at zsCompare? What Mac Apps did you try?

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