Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Core Duo Temp Monitor & Widget for Intel Macs

UPDATE: 7/19/06 :: Now the iStat Pro widget does have the ability to monitor Core Duo Temps. See my blog post for more info on the new iStat Pro.
Core Duo Temp WidgetUPDATE: 7/7/06 :: Now there is a Core Duo Temp Widget that works with the same framework as the Core Duo Temp monitor app I posted below! This is a much better solution I think than a hard app.

Original Post: 6/26/06: The Core Duo Temp Monitor is a Mac OS X app which monitors the temp and frequencies of your Intel Core Duo processor. Load it and see just how hot your processor is running. I use the iStat Pro widget for other info on my computer and processor but since they have not yet released a version which can record temps on the new Intel Core Duo Processors, here is an app I found from Wikipedia you can run to monitor the temps.

Core Duo Temp Monitor | 

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