Monday, July 24, 2006

Apple-X Keyboard Shortcut to Move Files in Mac OS X Finder

Problem: The Mac OSX finder does NOT support the Ctrl-X (would be Apple-X) functionality to move files as does Windows XP. Really Control-X in Windows does not Cut Files it just in initiates a Move File command. Apple decided in OSX that mapping Apple-X to Move File would be confusing so they just left it out. Well that is annoying to all of us Switchers whose fingers are hardwired to hit Control-X to move files to have to learn to hit the moved Command key (Apple) - X just to have it do nothing!

The solution is two fold. The first step is to use Automator to create a move automator finder plugin. This is really easy and involves just a few steps:
  • Open Up the Automator Application
  • Drag over the "Get Selected FInder Items" element
    Automator Get Selected Finder Items
  • Drag over the "Move Finder Items" element
    Automator Move Files Finder Plug-in
  • Save as Finder Plug-in Named "...Move" or something similar
  • Control (Right) Click on a file or group of selected files and choose whatever you named your plug-in in the step above
    Automator Move Finder Items

Now you have a finder plugin but you still can't Apple-X to move files. For this you will need to map Apple-X to your new Automator function using a freeware or shareware software program.
  • To use a keyboard shortcut (Apple-X) to move files you need to save the automator action as a Plugin for the Script Menu (same method as saving for Finder Plugin just use the dropdown to select Script)
  • Download and InstallFast Scripts Lite
  • Click on the Fast Scripts Icon in the top toolbar and Select Fast Scripts Light and then Preferences
  • Expand the top Tree Element which is your personal Scripts Folder where Automator placed the created script from the first step.
  • Click on the Move ... Element then click in the Shortcut Column and press Apple-X to assign your Automator Action a Keyboard Shortcut.
  • Thats it. Now, as long as Fast Scripts Lite is running you can use Apple-X to move your files!

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